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Viktopia Studio is an indie software company dedicated to creating innovative solutions that address real-world problems we've personally encountered. By focusing on solving issues that are not widely recognized or are domain-specific, we ensure that our projects are both unique and essential. Our vision is not to build unicorns but to develop self-sufficient products and services that genuinely solve problems. Every project at Viktopia Studio is bootstrapped, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and practicality. This approach guarantees that our solutions are grounded in real needs, starting with at least one dedicated user - ourselves.

Our Projects

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Email Service Checker

A handy web tool that identifies the email service provider for a given domain or email address, helping sales teams target users of services like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Zoho Mail.

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A comprehensive platform for managing, updating, and sharing Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs). sbomify streamlines interactions between buyers and software vendors, ensuring everyone has access to the latest SBOMs.

Nerding Out With Viktor

Nerding Out With Viktor

“Nerding Out with Viktor” is your gateway to the tech world, featuring deep dives with leading experts in AI, software development, cybersecurity, and hardware innovations. Hosted by Viktor, an experienced entrepreneur with a knack for breaking down complex tech concepts into engaging and understandable discussions, this podcast is perfect for tech enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone curious about the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Subscribe to “Nerding Out with Viktor” for stimulating conversations that blend nerdy passion with entrepreneurial insight, and join a community where technology and innovation come together in captivating discussions.

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Notipus is a versatile webhook integration and notification service designed to keep you informed in real-time. Seamlessly integrating with both Shopify and Stripe, Notipus captures order details, payment statuses, and subscription updates, sending instant notifications to your specified Slack channel. With user-friendly setup, robust security, and customizable notifications, Notipus ensures you never miss critical eCommerce and financial events, making it an essential tool for efficient business management.